Sunday, 31 May 2015


One day, I had a thought, "learn to sew".  Why I thought that, I couldn't tell you, but it was a desire I wanted to follow up.

To be truthful, I wasn't sure I would be interested for long, so I thought I would buy one of those mini battery operated sewing machines that were selling cheap on Ebay.  Quite frankly, it was a toy, but no matter.  It was for practise purposes any way.

The tension was not what I hoped for with this sewing machine

The sewing machine was okay.  It was small and compact and not heavy at all.  The sewing stitch was another matter.  I didn't like the way it stitched.  I would sew, but the tension of the stitch was weak and couldn't hold the material together at all well.

By the time I realised that the mini sewing machine wasn't for me, I was hooked on sewing.  I had managed to sew a couple of cushion covers and a small lunch tote bag for my sister, Susan and realised I had enjoyed doing it.  I was surprised at myself because I had avoided getting myself a sewing machine for years.  I had sewing lessons at school, which was fine, but after school, I wasn't interested.  As far as I was concerned, there were people out there who were willing to be paid to repair my trousers.  As you can see, I have changed my mind.

I started to look for a sewing machine that was a step up from my mini sewing machine.  With not a lot of money to spend, I went to ebay, hoping to bid on a sewing machine I could afford.  No luck there, I kept getting outbid on everything I was bidding for.  I was getting annoyed because I couldn't get a sewing machine.  Then I remembered that there was a 'Singer' centre were I live - Sewing Centre.  I went there and there was a 'Brother' sewing machine for sale at £45 and I managed to buy if for £40 - bargain!!

I love my 'Brother' sewing machine

Sewing is therapeutic for me.  I want to sew many, many things.  I'm starting off with cushion covers.

Throws and quilts, bags, pincushions, I even want to knit throws as well.  Later,  I will have a go with trousers, skirts and dresses.  I don't have the confidence to do it just yet.

I plan on making a matching throw to go with this cushion cover

I'm very happy with my 'Brother' sewing machine, its helped me so much with my sewing.  I have confidence in what I make.  Don't get me wrong, not everything I have sewn has been perfect, but I'm happy with the items I have sewn, I'm happy with my progress.  After all, I really only started to knit and sew at the beginning of April, 2015.  Not bad going, even if I do say so myself.

I am very happy with my 'Brother' sewing machine, but I would like to thank MollyQuest  on youtube for showing me how easy it was to make envelope cushion covers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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